Enjoy the wonderful springtime, recharge your batteries in summer at your favorite spot hidden in the middle of the forest, enjoy the clear autumn air on a breathtaking hike up one of the 80 surrounding three-thousand-meter peaks, or discover romantic winter landscapes – our Tauferer Ahrntal valley is worth a vacation in every season. There is a lot to discover around the resort. That’s why we have put together the best tips for you and your loved ones for the Pustertal.


There is a lot to discover around the resort. That’s why we have compiled the best tips for Pustertal for you and your loved ones.

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The crocuses blossom in Kasern.

Pssst… we’ll only tell you, this is an insider tip!

The crocus blossoms in Kasern are truly breathtakingly beautiful. If you haven’t seen them yourself, you can hardly believe it. Fortunately, this highlight is only a few kilometers away from the campsite.

How to get there: By car: From Sand in Taufers, head into the valley in the direction of Kasern. Simply follow the main road to the end of the valley. There is a large parking lot at the Kasern tourist information office.

By bus: You can enjoy a comfortable ride from Sand in Taufers to Kasern (line 450).

Route: The starting point of the hike is the parking lot at the tourist information office. From there, it is only a few minutes’ walk to the crocus blossom, which is located directly next to the “Prascht Alm”. The hike is barrier-free.

Conclusion: This hike is very easy, suitable for both adults and children. Everyone will have fun here. The best time to visit is from mid-April to early May.

Altitude: 5m | Walking time: 15min | Distance: 1km

By biking to the old town of Bruneck.

Whether with electricity or without, this route is worth a trip.

As you traverse blooming meadows and forests, you can relish the fresh air and listen to the chirping of the rare kingfishers directly on the bike path along the Ahrauen. What could be more beautiful?

Start: You can start directly from the campsite.

Route: The bike path leads from the campsite through the various villages directly to Bruneck. Once there, at the traffic circle, go straight over the railroad tracks until you reach the traffic lights. Then, turn left and continue for about 300 m until you reach the next traffic light. On the left side, right next to the road, you’ll find the Capuchin church. If you continue to the right, crossing the river Rienz, you’ll already be in the heart of Bruneck’s old town.

Conclusion: This tour is suitable for both leisure bikers, who enjoy a relaxed ride through meadows and forests, and sports enthusiasts who aim to reach Bruneck in the shortest possible time.

Altitude difference: 50m | Riding time: 2.5h | Distance: 36km

The Nature Discovery Trail

A beautiful hike featuring forest bathing, panoramic views, and captivating sights—a definite must-do.

Start: You can start directly from the campsite.

Directions: From the campsite, cross the bridge and then immediately turn right towards the center of the village, following the path directly along the riverbed. In spring, numerous flowers bloom here, giving off a wonderfully sweet scent. After about 1 km, you will reach a road, which you need to cross. Cross the bridge and immediately turn left onto the hiking trail next to the river, heading towards Taufers Castle. Follow the path until you are directly below Taufers Castle. From here, walk uphill through the oldest part of the village until you reach the signposted turnoff to the castle. Follow the signs to the castle. Once at the top, continue in an easterly direction towards the “Brugginolhof,” a unique panoramic location above the roofs of Sand in Taufers. Pass the farm, go slightly downhill along a meadow path, and then proceed through the forest on path no. 2b. Once again, follow the signs for the nature adventure trail. Our insider tip: Make a short detour to the Kneipp facility, which is good for your feet and soul.

Conclusion: It is a beautiful circular hike with a view over the village and a refreshing opportunity to cool off on the Kneipp path.

Altitude: 186m | Travel time: 2h | Distance: 6km


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The Reinbach Waterfalls

An impressive natural spectacle right on our doorstep, including Insta-spots.

Start: You can start directly from the campsite.

Directions: From the campsite, a narrow path leads along the creek bed until you reach a small side road. Here, keep to the right and turn left into the forest at the Bar Rivas. From here, follow the signposted path to the waterfalls. The highlight here is clearly the third waterfall; in good weather, there is a guaranteed rainbow. If you still have strength in your calves, you can continue hiking to the Franz and Klara Chapel. It’s worth it in any case. Our tip: Instagram hotspots are available on every corner here, especially beautiful at sunset.

Conclusion: The Reinbach waterfalls should definitely be on the agenda during a vacation in the Tauferer Ahrntal – there’s no need to discuss it for long.

Altitude difference: 350m | Walking time: 1.5h | Distance: 3km

The Moosstock, our local mountain

The Große Moosstock is not only one of the most panoramic, but also one of the most beautiful and well-known peaks in the Tauferer Ahrntal. It is a demanding tour for experienced mountaineers.

Start: You can start directly from the campsite.

Directions: Starting from the campsite, a narrow path leads along the creek bed until you reach a small side road. Here, keep to the right and turn left into the forest at Bar Rivas. From here, follow the signposted waterfall path. At the third waterfall, go in the direction of Tobelhof. As soon as you reach the road, follow it for about 500m until you reach the crossroads in the direction of Ahornach. Here, trail no. 10b begins in the forest. Follow this path to the summit.

Conclusion: It is a beautiful but very demanding tour. After a strenuous ascent, you will have an incomparable panoramic view over the Tauferer-Ahrntal valley. This tour should only be undertaken in good weather conditions.

Altitude: 2193m | Walking time: 6.5 hours | Distance: 10km

Relaxing at the reservoir in Lappach

The ideal destination for a relaxing day of vacation, the lake circuit is suitable for strollers and offers a special experience for young and old.

Start: The starting point of the circuit is the parking lot directly at the Neves reservoir. You can get there either by car (the parking lot is chargeable) or, for the very sporty, by bike. Head towards Sand in Taufers, then turn right towards Mühlen. From there, continue in the direction of Mühlwald/Lappach until you reach the end of the valley. Alternatively, you can take bus line 451 from the bus stop in Sand in Taufers directly to Lappach. Please note that the bus only goes to the center of Lappach. It takes approximately 45 minutes to walk uphill to the reservoir, always following the road.

Directions: Left or right of the parking lot? It doesn’t matter; you can start wherever you want. Take a short walk around the lake with a picnic in your backpack, and nothing will hinder your relaxing vacation day.

Conclusion: Whether it’s a walk around the lake, a picnic on the lakeshore, or a hearty “Marende” in one of the two alpine huts on the lake, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation day here.

Altitude: 62m | Walking time: 1h | Distance: 4km


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Insider tip: Wengsee in Mühlwald

This hike is a special insider tip in autumn when the larches slowly turn golden yellow and are reflected in the crystal-clear mountain lake. What a spectacular sight!

Start: By car or bike: The starting point is at km 4 on Mühlwalder Straße (1100 m), opposite the sawmill or Moarhöfe.
By bus from Sand in Taufers to Mühlwald (line 451), get off at the Mühlwaldersee stop, and walk out of the valley in the direction of the sawmill or Moarhöfe. The starting point is opposite.

Directions: Trail No. 66A leads to Wengalm, which can also be reached by mountain bike. From there, go slightly right on a small path directly to Wengsee.

Conclusion: Wengsee is a true place of power. If you have always wanted to swim in a crystal-clear mountain lake, this is the right place for you.

Altitude difference: 837m | Walking time: 2 hours | Route: 7 km

Insider tip: A walk to the chestnut trees.

What could be more beautiful in autumn than watching the colorful falling leaves?

Start: Directly from the campsite.

Route: From the campsite, cross the stream, follow the road to the crossroads, cross the road here, and you will be in the “Sondna Feldo.” It is the perfect starting point for short or long walks. The chestnut trees can already be seen from here. Now it’s up to you to decide how long the walk should be—once around or directly to the destination? Here’s another little tip: this is the perfect place for a romantic picnic.

Conclusion: It’s a great walk, whether you’re with a dog, pushing a stroller, or simply enjoying the end of the day. It’s no wonder that locals who know the beauty of this place can always be found here.

Altitude: 0m | Walking time: 1/2h | Distance: 1km

Wine hike with the Wochtla Buam

The Wochtla Buam are pioneers in wine growing in Pustertal and are happy to let you share their wine craziness.

Start: From Sand in Taufers, head towards Bruneck. At the traffic circle in Bruneck, take the first exit and follow the road for 1 km. The Wochtla Buam restaurant/bar is located on the right.

By bike: From the camping site, follow the direction to Bruneck and take the cycle path to St. Georgen. At Bar Alping, cross the road and continue on the cycle path towards Auroport GmbH. Then, make a slight right turn into Rienzfeldstraße. Continue on this road until you reach the gas station on the right. The destination is located directly behind the gas station.

Description: The winery is situated above the village center in the sunny WOCHTLA WOADE, between 858 and 912 meters. In viticulture, this location is referred to as an extreme location. The cool climate, abundant sunshine, and high altitude are ideal for developing aroma, freshness, and character in the wine. Christoph can provide you with detailed information about wine. What would you like to know about the first official vineyard in Pustertal since the Middle Ages?

Conclusion: If you’re interested in learning about wine and meeting cool guys, you’re in good hands at the Wochtla Buam.


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The Sella Ronda - Sella Round

Fancy a unique day of skiing? Then let’s go to the Sella Ronda. This spectacular ski tour leads over lifts and ski slopes across the four Dolomite passes around the Sella massif.

Start: Start by driving from Sand in Taufers towards Bruneck. Then, take the slip road towards Gadertal/Val Badia and follow the signs to Wolkenstein. The travel time is approximately 1.5 hours.

Route description: This continuous tour connects the four Ladin valleys of Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba, and Fassa. It can be easily completed in one day, in either direction. The clockwise tour is signposted in orange, while the counterclockwise tour is signposted in green. The total length of the Sellaronda is 40 kilometers, with 26 kilometers of ski slopes.

Conclusion: If you want to see a lot in one day, this tour is perfect for you. However, it requires good organization, relatively good weather conditions, and stamina. If you possess these qualities, you will have an unforgettable day ahead.

Altitude difference: 1588m | Travel time: 5 hours | Distance: 40km

A romantic hike in the magical forest.

Advent in Taufern is something very special. As soon as dusk sets in, you can see many hardworking helpers lighting numerous lanterns, torches, and candles. Put on your jacket and off you go for a romantic winter hike.

Directly from the campsite.

Turn left from the campsite. After 500 m, you will reach the starting point of the Tauferer Advent Market. From now on, you can enjoy, marvel, and discover. Between the nativity scene exhibition, sheep wool museum, horse-drawn carriage rides, and warm delicacies, you can end a beautiful vacation day.

If you are looking for a Christmas market of a special kind, this is the place to be.

Overnight stay at the Mountainigloo

Spend the night in the Mountain Igloo!
For the adventurous, we have a special tip: Spend a night in the Mountain Igloo at Speikboden. Pssst… It includes a sauna and a comfortably warm whirlpool.

By car: From Sand in Taufers, drive down the valley to Speikboden. Travel time – 5 minutes.
By bus: From Sand in Taufers, take the bus in the direction of Ahrntal (line 450) to the Speikboden bus stop.

So easy to reach and yet far away from everyday life, the MountainIgloo is located in the middle of the Speikboden ski area. If you are looking for a unique experience, the igloo village is the right place for you. The adventure begins in the afternoon. After check-in, you go with snowshoes in the dusk over the mountain. For the igloo dinner, you gather in the snow restaurant. Afterwards, the sauna and whirlpool are open for you to watch the stars and snowflakes and enjoy the first hours of the night outdoors. The overnight stay in the igloo with a sleeping bag and sheepskin must be experienced.

Just the thing for adventure seekers and soul trekkers.